Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry

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FMCG or CPG industry is very challenging. It is an industry of Fast Moving Consumer Goods or Consumer Packaged Goods. It is an industry which covers the household items that you buy when shopping in the supermarket or a pharmacy. Fast moving is from the reason, that items leave quick shelves. It is characterized by extremely high demand, low costs, massive sale and really high level of competitiveness. This sector is worth billions of dollars and holds most famous brand names such as: Coca-Cola, Nestle, Unilever, Pepsi, Procter & Gamble, Heinz, Kraft, Philip Morris, SAB Miller, Knorr. When you have so many so big competitors, you have to bet on market research.

Why market research

In this industry it is very important to keep marketing and sales departments in very good shape. Marketing research Poland should be the basis of their actions and long-term strategies. Regardless of the branch, each company, service or production, should conduct proper market research Poland. If the company wants to release a new product or maintain a leadership position on the market, it is substantial to conduct marketing research. The results of this projects may provide employees from marketing and sales department of data essential to develop a new strategy (marketing, information or advertising) for the company. Everything begins with the conception of research project, which is the phase, when representatives of the company has to decide about which product, which target group, sale price, marketing strategy, distribution channels, advertising efficiency to research.

Which methods/techniques

Then it is essential to decide, which method and technique of market surveys in Poland to use. For example, within quantitative method you can find CATI (telephone interviewing), CAPI (computer assisted personal interviewing), CAWI (online questionnaires), PAPI (traditional, paper questionnaire). Within qualitative method you can find: IDI (personal, in-depth interviewing), FGI (focus group interviewing), case studies and mystery shopping. Sometimes it is enough to use one of those, but sometimes it is substantial to use more then two techniques from each of the methods.
After representatives of the company and market research company analytics decided what to research and with the use of which techniques, it is time for realization of the research project. After that the company receive a report with detailed analysis (desk research and SWOT analysis may be included). On this basis it is possible to prepare accurate and reliable conclusions and recommendations. Conducting of those researches can be difficult, but on the other hand profits can not be overestimated.

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